BioNano Irys Guidelines

BioNano IrysPrep sample requirements

Human blood: Please provide 3 mL of fresh human blood, drawn into EDTA tubes. The blood should be kept fresh and stored at 4°C (not frozen) for no more than 5 days. If frozen blood must be used, or if total blood available is less than 3 mL, please contact us.

Animal tissue: Please provide at least 40 mg of tissue, flash-frozen in liquid nitrogen immediately after harvesting, and stored at -80°C. Avoid any freeze-thawing of sample prior to use. If a larger tissue chunk needs to be broken down, do so by fragmenting under liquid nitrogen using a mortar and pestle. Ensure the sample stays frozen during transport.

Plant: Please provide at least 2 grams of plant material. Do not dark-treat. Seedlings are preferred. If seedlings aren’t available, select the youngest freshest leaves possible; avoid fully mature leaves. Once harvested, leaves should be kept fresh, not frozen, and shipped immediately upon harvest. Please inquire about shipping guidelines for fresh plant material. If frozen leaves must be used, or if other parts of the plant must be used (e.g., flowers, roots), please contact us.

Cultured human cells: At least 9 x 106 diploid human cells is required per prep. Please list cell count when submitting sample. If cells are polyploid, adjust cell count accordingly.

Bacteria: DNA yield from the species should be estimated using standard methods (e.g. Qiagen kit). Please provide enough cells to target 60 µg of total genomic DNA.

Other cultured cells: Please provide enough cells to yield 60 µg of total genomic DNA, either based on known genomic DNA content or using standard quantitation methods (e.g. Qiagen kit).

Other cell types: A variety of other cell types (e.g. yeast) have been processed successfully. Contact us for sample requirements.